Sunday, 18 November 2012

Easy How To: Fancy T-Shirt

Hi Guys!
Here is a super easy project I completed in less than an hour. Although it's really straightforward, I always find seeing someone complete a project like this really motivating! So... maybe I'll inspire a little creative motivation :)

1. Find a t-shirt. I choose a plain black one for $6.95 from H&M, but you can do just about anything you want... polka dots would be sweet!

2. Find an old collared shirt to use. (Note: you must be willing to cut this shirt). I picked an old white one I had that was full of holes. I loved the material, but the stitching just didn't hold up very well.

3. Measure 2 triangles (using the collar) and then use scissors to remove. The dimensions of my triangles were 3x4x4.

4. Take your two triangles and sew them to your shirt. Easy peasy.

What I love about this project is that it uses something old to create something new. I also enjoyed how little sewing was involved. I do recommend using a sewing machine, unless your hand stitching is very neat (mine is not).

It's a fun shirt to layer. I would like to eventually add gold buttons to mine, but for now I'll leave it be.

Happy shirt-making!

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