Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Hello Ghouls and Gals,

Remember what I said I'd write 3 times a week? Ahhh.. it's hard! Scaryscary. Speaking of scary, Happy Halloween! Here are some Halloween Pretties from Etsy for you to drool over :)

Halloween Orange Chevron Pillow Cover, Decorative Throw Pillow, Burlap Pillow, Feed Sack, Accent Pillow, Zig Zag 16x16
retro apron Halloween apron ORANGE BLACK full apron 50s Diner WAITRESS ... sexy hostess gift vintage inspired flirty Thanksgiving HarvestOwl Favor Pillow box - Halloween printable - DIY Party Supplies and Decorations -

1. The Watson Shop
2. Loverdoversclothing
3. PressPrintParty (so.cute.)

Friday, 26 October 2012

Quick update + fun weekends

Hi! I'm quickly blogging before I call it a night. Actually, I'm currently on Skype with Austin. He has no idea I'm blogging. Well, he can hear me typing, so he has some idea I'm doing something... he's talking about solar panels and wind farms and work and flipping his co-workers name tag upside down..

Good girlfriends listen. This is me listening. :)

Love him.

Moving quite along.

I'm tired. Tomorrow I'm doing a photoshoot for my friends, Stephanie and Max. I'm excited for our "school-themed shoot". Should be fun :) Then later I'm going out to a local bar, The Loop for Miss Amanda's 21st birthday! 

Yay for fun weekends!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Inspired by : Kevin Russ

Oh wow... just gorgeous. I hope one day I have an amazing collection of photographs like he does. You can check out his flickr account here. I really enjoyed his set "50 most interesting" as well! Such an intriguing collection of images.


Wish you were here

Today is quiet, creative & simple.

Monday, 22 October 2012


Fun announcement!

One of my favourite sites Society6 has free shipping until Sunday. I'll definitely be ordering some prints and maybe a fun t-shirt... but it's so hard to choose! There are sooo many cool designs. Here are some of my favourites.

Opposites Attract by Terry Fan

Abyss of the Disheartened : IV by Heather Landis

Camera by Kameron Walsh

Börds by Börg (I featured one of his prints earlier this month here)

I'm trying to decide on one or two prints to buy - the problem is, I'm stuck in Fall-Colours mode. I'm just loving all the warm and cosy hues.

Here's a funny one - hehe, totally me. If I had a kitchen, I would so want this... or have it screen printed on an apron! It would be hilarious. At least I think so.

The Whisk Wasn't The Tallest by Marc Johns

That's it! I better get off the computer now and get ready for bed (ha- yah right). Night :)

I'm a forest nymph

I definitely should be posting wayyy more than this. I'll make it my new goal to post 3 times a week!

I know I always say this, but the past few days have been pretty crazy busy (like, falling asleep at night with your clothes still on crazy busy). But it's been a good busy! I did so many fun things over the weekend. I stayed late at Arica's Friday night so that I could help finish making some props for a big wedding shoot the next day. Then when Saturday arrived, I met up with Krista and we set up the props together in the park. It was cold, a little wet, and took a long time, but I honestly really enjoyed it. I love being able to go to shoots with Josh and Arica- they're so inspiring!

Thank you to Krista for my "Forest Nymph" picture - haha!

In other news, I had another fun day at the Ojibway nature center yesterday taking pictures for a beautiful family of 7! I'm just powering through all of my edits in Lightroom, so I expect I'll have some pictures to post very very soon!

Oh, and some fun DIYs I've done this week.

And maybe some pictures from my graduation.

Annnnd maybe some inspiring images for everyone to oogle over.

That's all :) XOXO

Sunday, 14 October 2012


Magical day at the Nature Center with my favourite guy.

How To: Tie a Headscarf

I love this look. Apart from being cute and easy, it also has a fun 1950's vibe that I love. Very reminiscent of J. Howard Miller's "Rosie the Riveter". Every time I wear my hair up like this, I always get compliments and questions about how I style it. Here is a quick tutorial for a simple and adorable look that you can try at home:

First thing you'll need- a scarf! I use a medium sized square scarf that I got a few years ago at an Abercrombie outlet, but you can use pretty much any thin fabric to do this. What I do next is fold the scarf in half. I then grab the corner and roll the scarf tightly. Lastly, I tie it (double-knot) on to my head- and it's the perfect length that I get those cute little ends sticking up! Easy right?

Go ahead and give this fun hairstyle a shot!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Reasons to be excited

This weekend includes:
- yummy Italian food with all of my favourite people
- a trip to the nature center with Austin
- a trip to Home Depot and building things with my Dad

 Yup, it's gonna be a good weekend. What wonderful things have you got planned?

XO! Rachel

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Little pieces of life

Just a few little snapshots of what my life has looked like lately, via phone pictures. How have you been documenting the changing season so far?

Monday, 8 October 2012

Canada says thanks!

I love working and being busy. But man, did this weekend ever feel busy! I usually work holidays, and sometimes it's hard to get into whatever seasonal mood I'm meant to be in. But I really did enjoy the changing leaves this weekend and a very special Thanksgiving Brunch with my bestie. I'm thankful for her! And the delicious breakfast she made me, complete with hot chocolate in Christmas mugs ;) Here are some pictures we took together Friday morning. I plan on scrapbooking some later this week.

The super cheesy painting I made for her! Haha I do the silliest things to express my love.

What did you do to enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend?

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Car Rides + Coffee Dates + Paintings

One of my favourite things about visiting Austin is our drives and our coffee dates. I don't know if you can really count it as a date every single time we grab a coffee together... but we do!

It's probably some sort of crime, but I've been to Starbucks twice since Fall has begun and I've yet to order a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Maybe I just haven't really been in the mood yet! I'm sure the craving will strike soon, as I will be getting into more of a Fall atmosphere later this week with my Pumpkin Painting. Stay tuned ;)

Anyways, it's time for me to change into some messy-clothes and finish up my painting! So excited to share.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Geeking out

Wow. I now believe in love at first sight. Totally in love with this print:

Scout / Börg

So inspired today. Currently working on my first painting in years. Can't wait til it's done so I can share the results!