Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Big birthday blog post

Guys!! It was my birthday yesterday. I turned 21. Naturally, I took a ton of pictures. It was such a nice day. Highlights included:

- Lunch as a cosy little local cafe (Chicken Havarti apple sandwich? Yes. Please.)
- Mini photo shoot with my 3 best friends
- An amazing painting from my little sis Natalie
- ALSO she played "Hedwig's Theme" from Harry Potter on the piano for me - soo sweet!
- Dinner with my fam
- A very adorable Skype call with Austin
- Snuggles with Zoey while opening gifts

This birthday made me realize I'm getting older. Wanna know why? The gifts from my mom included an allergy case for my pillow, new sheets, and socks. And I got... so excited. Honestly! Getting older is fun. I know I'm going to like being 21 :)

Super special birthday Skype date! Yay. I love that he wrapped it in comics from the newspaper. Too cute. What a bachelor. ;)

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