Wednesday, 13 February 2013

February in an Instant

Possible new feature? Here's my February Instagrams thus far, with little captions of what each picture means to me!

Well that was fun! Follow me on Instagram here :)

Don't worry- I'm alive!

Hey guys,

I know it has been so so long. But I've been super busy! (I know, excuses excuses). I really have had a lull in the creativity department, but I'm ready to share some Valentine's Day images that totally inspire me. Sorry to all ya'll VDay Haters out there. Single or not, I love the sentiment of this day. And I've never spent money on it either! I simply craft and bake away while thinking of all my favouriteeee people that I would like to spread some love to.

Plus all the soft reds and hot pinks make me super happy.

All images found via Pinterest

Have a good day tomorrow!


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Doodles and Jasmine Star Conference

Hello lovely people!

I am currently doodling and creating in Photoshop (see above) and listening to a Jasmine Star conference on CreativeLIVE. If you're currently at a computer and are interested in improving your photography, give this a listen! And if not... give it a listen anyone, she's super entertaining haha.

And make sure you doodle! An absolute must for relaxing. I'm considering making a painting based on the colour scheme of the above image. I also would like to make a simple painting tonight to hang in my room. I shall share the results when I'm done- if it turns out well that is ;)

Monday, 7 January 2013

Adventures in Organization

Hello All! I am currently waist-deep in organizing my room right now... (maybe shoulders deep, I just glanced around the room). It's been fun. Austin has been helping me repaint and encouraging me to throw away old things that I don't need anymore. He gave me a hoarder score of 3/5. My goal is to get that down to at least a 2/5 ;)

Here are a few peeks at what I've been working on. It's been fun creating a new space! My goal is to tie everything together with the grey paint and have this area function as my mini creative/editing space.

Yay for getting organized and fun new colours!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I love New Years- probably because I love fresh starts and new goals. Who doesn't? I know it's something you can do at any time, but I think there's something beautiful about everyone trying to work towards something all at once. A mass of people striving for something better for themselves. It's a wonderful thing!

I haven't written a list yet of what I want to accomplish this year, but me and Austin have already chosen a theme for 2013. It's called "Let's do what we want". He was the one who named it and verbalized the idea a few hours ago. Coincidentally, it was something I had been thinking about while driving home from work earlier. I was thinking about what I want, and what's stopping me.

Whenever I work at my photography job, I always leave feeling refreshed and inspired. I feel encouraged to do something creative with my life. I feel like maybe I can start a business, even though it's a little bit scary. And as I was driving home, I was thinking about how there's really nothing stopping me (besides myself).

So in this year of  "Let's do what we want" I am going to resolve myself to taking more risks and maybe chasing after my dreams. Even though it's scary, and I might fail (which also terrifies me), I'm going to do my best to try and see what it evolves into.

Something really encouraging that Elsie wrote on A Beautiful Mess:

"You need to guard your dreams in their early stages. When you do share them with other people, don't expect a positive response 100% of the time. Some people need to see things to believe them. It's good to get advice from people you care about, but don't ever let someone else talk you out of trying something that you're dreaming of."

Is there anything you feel like chasing in 2013?