Monday, 22 October 2012

I'm a forest nymph

I definitely should be posting wayyy more than this. I'll make it my new goal to post 3 times a week!

I know I always say this, but the past few days have been pretty crazy busy (like, falling asleep at night with your clothes still on crazy busy). But it's been a good busy! I did so many fun things over the weekend. I stayed late at Arica's Friday night so that I could help finish making some props for a big wedding shoot the next day. Then when Saturday arrived, I met up with Krista and we set up the props together in the park. It was cold, a little wet, and took a long time, but I honestly really enjoyed it. I love being able to go to shoots with Josh and Arica- they're so inspiring!

Thank you to Krista for my "Forest Nymph" picture - haha!

In other news, I had another fun day at the Ojibway nature center yesterday taking pictures for a beautiful family of 7! I'm just powering through all of my edits in Lightroom, so I expect I'll have some pictures to post very very soon!

Oh, and some fun DIYs I've done this week.

And maybe some pictures from my graduation.

Annnnd maybe some inspiring images for everyone to oogle over.

That's all :) XOXO

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