Sunday, 14 October 2012

How To: Tie a Headscarf

I love this look. Apart from being cute and easy, it also has a fun 1950's vibe that I love. Very reminiscent of J. Howard Miller's "Rosie the Riveter". Every time I wear my hair up like this, I always get compliments and questions about how I style it. Here is a quick tutorial for a simple and adorable look that you can try at home:

First thing you'll need- a scarf! I use a medium sized square scarf that I got a few years ago at an Abercrombie outlet, but you can use pretty much any thin fabric to do this. What I do next is fold the scarf in half. I then grab the corner and roll the scarf tightly. Lastly, I tie it (double-knot) on to my head- and it's the perfect length that I get those cute little ends sticking up! Easy right?

Go ahead and give this fun hairstyle a shot!

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